Lower Pool Maintenance

With a correctly fitted Walco pool blanket most leaves, debris, dust and dirt are collected on the blanket where they can be easily picked up.

When you are selecting your pool blanket, remember not all products are equal. The thickness and even distribution of the Walco pool blanket ensures superior durability and longer life of the cover.

Designed to Last in Harsh Conditions

It is extremely important, when caring for your pool, that we offer you a cover that is going to provide you maximum savings. The savings and benefits you will enjoy with a Walco solar pool blanket will ensure fun in your pool for longer each season.

Saving Our Precious Water

Being responsible with our use of water is fast becoming a way of life. On average an uncovered pool will lose up to twice its water volume per year in evaporation. The effect of evaporation and the continued topping up of the pool means you will spend much more on excess water and pool chemicals. A Walco pool blanket will reduce evaporation by up to 98% and reduce the cost of chemicals by helping to maintain your pool's chemical balance.

Reducing Heat Loss

Walco solar blankets provide your pool with thermal insulating properties that maintain your pool's temperature for longer. The blanket reduces evaporative heat loss by up to 75%. This will substantially save you money on heating bills and help save valuable energy resources.

The Walco solar blanket is designed to allow short wavelength solar energy to pass easily through its surface. The heat, which radiates at longer wavelengths, is then maintained under the surface by the unique design of the blanket.

Why is Walco Pool Blanket the Best Choice for You?

  • Lasts longer - ultra violet inhibitors provide the best protection available for a pool blanket.
  • Thicker bubble - the bottom layer is thicker than other pool cover material. This makes it highly resistant to degradation for chlorine and sale.
  • Greater durability - the Walco pool blanket enables even distribution of the material across the bubble. This ensures strength in the corners of the bubbles and overall durability of the cover.
  • Superior buoyancy - the design and size of the bubbles provides superior buoyancy and excellent adhesion during high winds.

How to measure your pool

Pool size: lenght (B) x width (A) (+ step area). Take into account if your pool is indoors or outdoors. Do you need more or less heat, or have leaf debris problem. Remember your pool roller adds years to the life of the blanket. Does your pool have non-standard features? These are some determining facts you need to discuss with us.