Suncap Raises The Water Temperature

Suncap raises the water temperature by up to 8 deg.C. Correctly fitted, a Suncap Solar Blanket converts your pool into a giant solar collector, absorbing maximum energy and temperature through the day and preventing heat loss as the outside temperature falls overnight.

Suncap Lowers Heating Costs

Lower pool heating costs by up to 75% - Suncap Solar Pool Blankets reduce evaporative heat loss, putting paid to rapidly rising energy costs.

Suncap Lowers Chemical Costs

During the hot summer months, evaporation can cause the average household pool to lose up to 10,000 litres of water per month. By keeping this loss to an absolute minimum, Suncap Solar Pool Blankets substantially reduce the topping up required to maintain the pool's correct chemical balance.

Suncap Lowers Maintenance

With a Suncap Solar Pool Blanket fitted to your pool, leaves and debris are quickly hosed off the surface of the blanket to be collected in the skimmer box, saving hours each year in time consuming vacuuming and cleaning.

Australian made

Suncap is an Australian made material and suited to Australian conditions. It is available in a number of different gauges 300, 400 and 500 micron.

How Does it Work?

The Suncap Solar Pool Blanket retains the heat. Short wavelength solar energy passes easily through the Suncap blanket. Heat retained in the water, which radiates at longer wavelengths, is restricted by the special design of the blanket so it can't readily dissipate into the surrounding atmosphere. Suncap Solar Pool Blankets suit virtually every above ground or in-ground pool, regardless of their shape. Matching Solar Reels are available in a wide range of standard sizes and custom sizes can be fabricated to special order.

Quality Guarantee

  • 300 Micron Blanket - 3 year pro-rata warranty
  • 400 Micron Blanket - 5 year pro-rata warranty
  • 500 Micron Blanket - 8 year pro-rata warranty
  • Thermal 500 Blanket - 8 year pro-rata warranty (For heated pools)