Along with the pleasure of owning a family swimming pool, there is a constant need for regular maintenance to keep the water fresh and clean. A specially designed cover, properly installed, will seal off the pool and reduce maintenance costs by protecting chemicals from the effects of sunlight, while keeping out dust, leaves and twigs. Such a cover is available from Walco manufactured from reinforced vinyl. The material is specially formulated for outdoor use (U.V. stabilised), is mildew and rot resistant. All seams are high frequency welded, and every pool cover is custom-made to ensure a precise fit.

Walco pool covers offer the following benefits:

  • Keeps leaves and debris out
  • Saves cleaning time
  • Reduces algae growth
  • Less chemicals required
  • Reduces evaporation
  • Increases safety

Walco Locking System

Walco pool covers are held in place by locks designed to make it difficult for children to remove or lift the cover. The securing fittings consist of stainless steel rope clips and holding joints firmly embedded into the pool surrounds.

To unlock, grip the rope clip between your thumb and forefinger, give a quarter turn and lift out. To lock when replacing the pool cover, simply reverse the procedure.

Exclusive Walco PVC Reinforcing Patch and Eyelet

Walco have designed a PVC reinforcing patch with eyelet, which is non-corrosive, strong, and eliminates any likelihood of the eyelet pulling out. This patch is used on all welded covers.

Spa Covers

Walco spa covers prevent leaves, dust and unwanted material from entering your spa, providing the same benefits as for a pool.

Mesh Covers

Ask us about mesh covers.