Walco pool liners are available in plain colours as well as eye-catching designs. We stock liners of all makes and sizes for above-ground pools, circular, ovals and keyhole. Our in-ground pools are all computer designed and cut, resulting in a high quality finish and fit.

Further benefits:

  • Satiny soft and pleasant to touch
  • Tough and long lasting
  • Sanitized to inhibit algae
  • Australian made for our conditions
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Ideal for salt or chlorine
  • Range of colours and designs

Add up all the facts, in the finish you'll find the final word is a Aqualux® vinyl liner manufactured by Walco.

Pond Liners

By installing a natural pond in your garden, you offer new living space to numerous plants and animal life. You will also find recreation, relaxation and peacefulness.

A flexible liner allows any pond shape to be constructed. However, simple curves reduce creases in the liner.