Walco Tank Liners are ideal for the manufacture of new modular tanks and fast economical repairs to old and leaking tanks. They are made from the highest grade virgin vinyl that has been tested over many years.

Vinyl has the added advantage over the woven polyliners in the fact that they can stretch and allow for movement within the tank structure, and provide a better fit to the tank profile. Self installation is easy and can be carried out with no special tools - the tank can even be wet for installation to take place.

Environmental stress-cracking is completely avoided when using vinyl tank lining. The crystalline molecular structure of high density 'hard plastics' causes this type of sheeting to expand and contract with temperature changes and exposure to sunlight. This constant flexing puts stress on the liner, especially on the seams and can result in cracking and failure of the 'hard plastic' liner.

Add up the other benefits of a Walco tank liner:

  • Puncture and Abrasion Resistant
  • Low maintenance
  • Durable and Robust
  • Economical
  • Flexible (even in cold weather)
  • Variable Temperature Performance
  • Can withstand Compression and Tension Loadings
  • Excellent aging characteristics
  • Ease of Repair (adhesive, solvent or heat sealing can be applied)

Tank lining material is approved for use in potable water containment by the Melbourne Metropolitan Board of Works, the W.A. Health Dept, the F.D.A. (USA), and has been used by the South Pacific (14,800 square metres were used in this application alone). The product also meets Aust Standard 2070 part 2 for food grade quality.

Australian made for the toughest of jobs - there's no other choice when it comes to tank liners.