Sealed Air Commercial Blanket and Reel System

When you invest in a commercial blanket and reel system you not only invest in quality, you invest in a knowledge that more than thirty years of continual research and development ensure efficient, trouble free operation. An opportunity exists for you to obtain substantial cost savings resulting from energy conservation in the operation of your commercial swimming pool. The installation of a solar pool blanket and reel system will dramatically reduce your energy consumption with expected savings from 30-40%.

Your facility benefits as a direct result with increased patronage, much reduced heating costs, an extension of the season, chemical savings and increased water temperature.

Blanket Features

All commercial heat retention blankets are fully bound on the ends and edges with reinforced PVC fabric. This binding gives the blankets increased strength and resistance from abrasion, while not compromising the inherent benefits of the fully Australian made polyethylene bubble material. The front end reinforcing, includes a pocket to accommodate our 40mm flotation rod, as well as attachments for the supplied harness and haulcord. Our harness is attached evenly across the width of the blankets to distribute the load. This allows our blankets to be pulled smoothly on the pool surface by one person. Each blanket is supplied with our floating haulcord including stainless steel snap hook attachment.

All commercial blankets have protective reinforced overcovers attached. This ensures your blanket is always protected when rolled up on your roller.

Roller Features

Our pool blanket rollers have been designed to last. Using 50mm x 50mm 316 stainless steel tube for our end frames, each fitted with twin stainless steel sealed roller bearings, and stainless steel swivel casters with brakes. The roller tube is heavy duty anodised aluminium, the gauge of our tube is - 203mm diameter, 3.0mm, 152mm diameter, 2.4mm, and 127mm diameter, 2.0mm. These tubes are fitted with cast aluminium end caps and solid machined stainless steel spindles. Each roller is fitted with twin solid cast aluminium hand wheels. We believe we have engineered a quality commercial roller which is enhanced by its corrosion free components that guarantee its long life. It is perfectly mobile, operator friendly, and inherently strong. All our commercial rollers have a 10 year warranty.